Recent Programs

February 2013

Dave Krofssik, Thalia Jeffres, and Phill Shull greeted Molly Williamson (third from left), of the Middle East Institute, before her speech to the Wichita Foreign Relations Committee in February 2013.

Below is a list of some recent topics and speakers who have visited the Wichita Committee on Foreign Relations:

Broken: American Political Disfunction and What to do About It
Adam Garfinkle, Editor,The American Interest

Putin & the Oligarchs
Marshall I. Goldman, Harvard University

The Geopolitics of Oil
Molly Williamson, former Ambassador/Author

North Korean & Iranian Nuclear Ambitions
Dr. Jay C. Davis, President, Hertz Foundation

The History & Future of Cuba
Dennis K. Hays, Ambassador, Career Foreign Service Officer

Smart Power: Between Diplomacy & War
Christian Whiton, Former State Dept. Advisor/Author

The European Debt Crisis & Its Political Implications
Christine Holmann, Political Counselor, German Embassy

Benchmarking US Foreign Policy: What Can the US Do to Correct a Perception of Decline?
Steve Clemons, Editor-in-Chief,The Atlantic

Peace & Conflict in East Africa: Successes & Challenges
Jackie Wilson, Sr. Program Officer, US Institute of Peace

An Analysis of the Syria Deal & the US Handling of the Crisis
Scott Bates, Center for National Policy

Counterstrike: The Untold Story of America’s Campaign Against AlQaeda
Eric Schmitt, Senior Writer, The New York Times

Pakistan’s Foreign Policy
Apama Pande, Research Fellow/Author, Hudson Institute

The Situation of Women in Afghanistan & Iraq
Charlotte Ponticelli, Director, ACFR, Former Deputy Under Secretary, State Dept.

Strategic Menaces Facing US Foreign Policy – And Why They Matter
Cynthia Watson, Professor/Author, National Defense University

Middle East: Peace & Democracy or Continued Conflict
Ambassador Philip Wilcox, President, Foundation for Middle East Peace

The Future of Latin America: Can Democracy Deliver for the Region’s Poor?
Roger Noriega, former Ambassador, Organization of American States, Visiting Fellow, American Enterprise Institute